• Frank Förster, Geschäftsführender Partner
  • Frank Krehahn, Geschäftsführender Partner
  • Stephan Strümpfel, Geschäftsführender Partner
  • Ronny Pabst, Geschäftsführender Partner
  • We do not manage
    our clients, but represent
    a forward-thinking.
    Frank Förster, Managing Partner
  • With dynamic vindication
    we defend your business
    and tax interests.
    Frank Krehahn, Managing Partner
  • Seize this opportunity
    and secure your company's
    future sustainability.
    Stephan Strümpfel, Managing Partner
  • Crisis can be
    a productive state,
    we will help in coping.
    Ronny Pabst, Managing Partner

The Association

Welcome to Förster Krehahn Strümpfel, Tax Consultant Firm - your reliable experts in all tax matters. At our locations in Leipzig, Gera and Erfurt we represent the tax and business interests of clients from all over Germany. Together with our partner companies, we serve businesses from various industries worldwide.

About the Association


The FKS team has many years of experience and advises companies, associations, freelancers and private individuals in all aspects of tax law. Our holistic approach to corporate security also includes accounting, balance sheets and other business topics. Coordinated legal advice is possible via partner law firms.

Our Services

Client Portal

In the client area of our homepage, you can log into our Addison OneClick portal. With this service, you have a variety of evaluations and useful applications at your disposal. These applications will make your everyday life easier in the future through the exchange of data and communication with us, your tax consultant. More details about the Addison OneClick portal can be found in the client area.

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Lohn-/einkommensteuerliche Behandlung sowie Voraussetzungen für die steuerliche Anerkennung von Zeitwertkonten-Modellen bei Körperschaften

Im BMF-Schreiben vom 08.08.2019 – IV C 5 – S2332/07/0004 hat die Finanzverwaltung zur einkommensteuerlichen Anerkennung der Zeitwertkonten bei Organen von Körperschaften Stellung genommen. Danach gilt Folgendes: Vereinbarungen über die Einrichtung von Zeitwertkonten bei Arbeitnehmern, die...